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Amber Lynn


1. You are more then welcome to email multiple ladies, build a rapport, and see if there is a connection there prior to your visit. Though I do not recommend emailing every single lady at the ranch, we do talk, especially if we are all getting the same repetitive email. I suggest picking a few of us sexy gals that catch your eye, and go from there!

2. Once you have compiled a list of ladies, you can open up to us about your wildest fantasies you plan on turning into reality on your visit to the ranch. If the lady and/or ladies are receptive to your idea they will let you know, and the two of you can start brainstorming from there!

3. After you have made a decision on the lucky lady you want to spend time with, make an appointment with her, I wouldn’t make appointments with multiple gals, because you never know if they are comfortable with each other. When your appointment has been set, ask the lady who she enjoys playing with, you can also give her a few suggestions of your own, and the two of you can narrow it down together! Depending on how wild and crazy you incision your threesome being, she can advise you on which lady would be the best fit! Chemistry is important all the way around, for the most memorable experience you want two ladies to be comfortable with one another, and enjoying playing with each other too! Another option is to make the appointment for the lady of your choosing, and when you arrive let her introduce you to a few of her sexy friends, and make the decision from that point forward!

Regardless of what you decide you will definitely have a blast! Hope I was a bit helpful!

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