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My first trip to the ranch was nearly 2 years ago. My wife set it up to celebrate our 40th anniversary. At my age you would think my excitement and nerves would be controllable, but no chance. Didn’t sleep for 2 days in anticipation.

The afternoon we arrived we sat in the bar for a couple of hours before checking into the motel. We got cleaned up and back to the bar to meet a beautiful young lady to celebrate our years with. I was so excited and nervous it hurt. Till that night my wife was the only woman I had been with. Turns out my wife was even more nervous than I was.

When our date for the evening came to our table and introduced herself the nerves were calmed immediately. The excitement kept growing, but it was like meeting a dear friend for the first time. We have been back many times since to see the same lady and every time our encounter is more sensuous and intense than the visit before. She has made our marriage so much stronger and intimate.

We have gotten to know many of the ladies and have brought a couple of them into our parties. We love them all and enjoy catching up when we visit. Everyone at the ranch is so friendly and welcoming.

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