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We holidayed in the States from Australia and had planned our trip to Sherri’s for months. We were both excited and nervous. When the time came to visit, my wife was freaking out, having second thoughts and frozen in the car park.
We were greeted by the lovely Paula who welcomed us in for lunch without having to make hasty decisions.
We felt more comfortable in the darkness of the bar, took our time and met a number of the girls.
Some questions were quite personal and confronting but when we spoke with Sabella she only made us feel relaxed and was not invasive at all.
The negotiations were friendly and easy and she made our experience both enjoyable for my wife but also respected our boundaries and ensured my wife and I had our own private time.
It’s natural to be nervous and a little anxious but once you’ve made the decision it’s not awkward at all and the girl you choose will ensure everything is fun and natural.

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