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Thanks, firefighter.

So, am I correct that the $3,000.00 voucher works almost like a gift certificate? Also, could we “substitute” food items, such as switch champagne for something else?

I only ask because (and this may sound strange) I can’t drink alcohol (or try to severely limit it)… it makes me sick… and then, I won’t be as much fun because then I’ll be lying in my bed… not having fun :-(.

I also try to stay away from lobster (even though I LOVE lobster) because I always had problems “breaking” the shells (it’s the same reason I stay away from clams, even though I LOVE them) and it’s way too embarrassing to ask the waiter (or one of the courtesans 😉 ) to break it for me ;-).

By the way… how do we arrange for one of these vacation packages?

Thanks for the help.

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