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I’ve been visiting for about 8 yrs. Entering the front door made me nervous, but the comfort of a sports bar made it better. My initial 4 parties were w/gals not currently employed & they were okay, awkward or bad parties due to a lack of chemistry & motivated by my simple visual attraction to the ladies. I have found some ladies while at the bar, give me a vibe they aren’t interested & that is more than okay because there are more than enough that engage in conversation which half the time leads to successful parties. Thru luck, I currently have 3 favorites who like what I like & we get along beautifully .
My first naughty experience was an awkward BJ from a gal I pursued based entirely on her profile pics & there was little chemistry .
My thoughts after clothes went flying? I was happy & excited to be with a gal non-judgemental of my extra pounds & belly, & continue to really appreciate this, & the willingness to my sexual requests. Sheri’s experiences lack the pressure of a date w/a civilian & I feel so much more comfortable getting naked with a Sheri’s gal

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