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Angel Parr

The ladies here are very experienced with using condoms and we have our own ways of getting over the taste of a condom and lubes.

Also I wanted to clarify on condom uses, us ladies will provide our own protection and it’s not all about the penis, but a transfer of fluids. When giving a lady oral you must use a dental dam as a barrier, and some girls are even more restrictive. Some ladies require gloves, or finger condoms to be used while playing with our goodies, this is both a hygiene and a fluid transfer issue. Even more than that, some ladies won’t allow you to put your mouth on her nipples either. Here at Sheri’s we pride ourselves on providing safe and fun parties, so it’s best to always ask your lady what her personal rules are, as some are more relaxed, and some are very serious about safety. A good rule of thumb here is don’t expect you know her rules, ask first!

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