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Angel Parr

Step 1
MANSCAPING! It is soooo very appreciated when I pull your pants down for your DC and don’t have to dig past years of hair growth to find your fun stick! Plus stopping every 2 seconds to pull a hair out of my mouth is just so unattractive for everyone evolved! You don’t have to shave, but a nice trim can go very far.

Step 2
Finger nails! If you want to explore my every inch, please realize that long and uneven nails are very uncomfortable in and on the good spots. No mani/pedi needed, while it certainly won’t hurt, all it takes is 5 minutes and $1 for nail clippers.

Step 3
Good breath! It’s such a simply thing, how can I be expected to call out your name if I’m gagging on your breath? Breath strip are a beautiful thing, just pop one in your mouth with your shower and I’ll be ready to moan all night long for you!

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