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Nice advice Flint…

And I hope Carol that maybe you have already made your way in and successfully negotiated the process.

However, if you haven’t, please just know that Sheri’s is a very relaxed environment. We do not force anything upon our guests that they are not ready to experience; so coming in to take in the environment and visit with the ladies to see what may happen is a great way to begin if you are nervous.

If you peruse the website and find that there are a few girls you would like to visit with, make sure to let the hostess know so that those you are interested in know this fact and can make your acquaintance. In this way, no appointments are required and no commitments are expected.

Hope this helps in some small way…

If you, or anyone reading this thread has any more private questions they would like answered, please feel free to email me and I will answer to the best of my ability.

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