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Condoms are mandated by Nevada statute, and it’s for the protection of clients and Courtesans alike. The specifics are outlined in NAC441A.805, Use of latex or polyurethane prophylactic required. “A person employed as a sex worker shall require each patron to wear and use a latex or polyurethane prophylactic while the patron is engaging in any form of sexual intercourse involving the insertion of the penis into the vagina, anus or mouth of the sex worker, oral-genital contact or any touching of the sexual organs or other intimate parts of a person.” https://www.leg.state.nv.us/NRS/NRS-441A.html#NRS441ASec120

A client must communicate exactly what they desire during their party. Party details are negotiable with their chosen Courtesan. If a client desires certain menu items, a specific party type or their Courtesan to be completely nude which is usually the case, they must specify this during negotiations.

The 10 minute rule was instituted so Courtesans would fraternize equally with all potential brothel clients in the bar, and one person or couple could not monopolize their time. The Ladies are stationed in the bar to meet brothel clients and party; they can’t afford to spend excessive time socializing. Sheri’s Ranch is in the brothel business and Courtesans don’t earn any money unless they’re partying, because they are independent contractors and not salaried employees.

The Valley Inn Sports Bar at Sheri’s Ranch has a pool table for customers too, but Courtesans can’t play more than an occasional game since they must be available for lineups and partying. The same criterion would apply to Mario Kart 64 or other games. If a client desired to play video games with a Courtesan, they should select a Lady during their 10 minute introduction and play the video games during their party. There are no slot machines in the brothel either, because Sheri’s Ranch is in the prostitution business and not gaming. There is no gambling at Sheri’s Ranch because clients receive their money’s worth when they party and winning is a sure thing! Unlike a Casino, Sheri’s Ranch clients always receive the utmost in return for their money well spent.

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