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The one thing I forgot to mention is that they are very strict about no electronics in the bar with all patrons, not the ladies. This policy is for everyone’s protection as they don’t want to risk pictures being taken. On more then one occasion I have seen people asked to step outside to just answer their phone or even look at them. Doesn’t matter if it’s a iPhone, flip phone, or old fashion brink. Sometimes people will even be asked to leave, but not normally on the first offense. That might make trying to use a gaming device hard. Once you go back with a lady it’s up to the lady whether you are allowed to use electronics or not. Most are ok but some also don’t want to take the risk either. If electronics are important to your enjoyment in your party make sure you bring it up during negotiations. I would suggest emailing a couple ladies that interest you before hand to find out if what you are looking for is possible.

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