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Angel Parr

Okay so I see that you’ve had a few good response, but I’ll weigh in any ways, feel free to ignore me lol!

Every girl here is a little different when it comes to your first question, but it all comes down to one very simple rule of thumb, No Transfers Of Fluids. Some ladies will simply use a glove for a hand job, some will require you to use a condom, some will just place the condom on your head. It varies with boob jobs as well, so your best bet there is to ask whichever lady you’re interested in parting with what her rules are. The Nuru Massage is typically an hour, and is nude, however this too changes from girl to girl and client to client, so once again ask your girl.

As far as your idea for gaming goes, I’m going to be very honest with you. I dont see any of us allowing you to go from room to room setting up your game system and tying to play for your party esp before we’ve negotiated at all. We are very open minded and do our best to complete every fantasy, however we are also business women and are here to make money, so we’re not going to just hand you free time for no compensation. Besides I’m fairly sure that the house wouldn’t allow you to do that, you would be taking the girls off the floor, and you are only allowed in a ladies bedroom if you are negotiating or parting, you cant just go hang out in our rooms. now there are a few ways to get around it and make everyone happy. If you want to find a girl whom can beat you, then you can offer the ladies the house minimum to play with you, and if she beats you then you can negotiate from there, this way the ladies has valid reason to be off the floor, she is getting compensated, and you get to play with her first. Now if you’re filthy stanking rich and intend to spend 5 figures here then you can call the office, let them know what your financial expectations are and ask them if it would be possible to setup the system in the bar and let the girls play with you, which I’m sure most of us would be very willing to do.

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