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1) the girls are weekly tested. yes the place is safe, as I was escorted to a bungalow by a security sized man.
2)you can look at each lady’s page for swhat she cateres to, for virgin or go to search ladies and click on virgin from the choices menu.
3)you can get to know a lady ahead of time via emailing her. You can sit at the bar and talk to each lady for 10 minutes before having to move on.
4)No one will force you to drink alcohol, although the aldies waiting in the bar are likely to be doing so.
5)You can bring your own music and ask the lady if she will play it.
6)you can ask your lady to teach you a variety of things, if that is what you mean. unless you negotiate for multiplke orgasms, your party ends after your first one.
7) kissing is depending on each lady. Some will not, some will kiss a little some will French Kiss.
8)this seems like #3. of course you can select the lady for your party.
9) good manners and grooming are more important than “pumpitude”. If they let me in Sheri’s you should have no problem.
10)I cannot answer this one as confidence in any task takes time.
Hopefully some of these answers are helpful to you.

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