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I am sure a few of the ladies will reply to this thread soon, and I can’t speak to losing your virginity at Sheri’s, but I can tell you that the ladies and staff of Sheri’s are wonderful and you would feel welcomed there and would certainly fit in.
Keolts and flint have given you some great advice above and I would second Keolts’ recommendation to spend the night at the hotel and arrive in the afternoon. Also, Flint is spot on about emailing the ladies, but realize that they are only able to answer emails when actually at the ranch and that they number of computers is limited there, so do not think that you are being ignored if it takes a little while to receive a reply. Alternatively, many of the ladies are on twitter, and can access it even when not at the ranch and that is another option to communicate with them, through private message on twitter if you have an account. I used email to contact ladies months ahead of my visit and built such a rapport with one particular courtesan that I wound up just making an appointment with her, and when I arrived at the ranch, we sat in the bar and talked and laughed and had a good time for a short while that improved our connection even further. I surprisingly, felt very relaxed the whole time I was there and I think the fact that I had gotten to know the lady ahead of time is why I did not have the nerves I expected to have, so that later that night, when I returned to the bar to meet the lady for our party it was a magical time. Now, you may not want to make an appointment with someone ahead of time, and it isn’t necessary and you may want to wait until you meet the ladies in person before choosing one to party with, but do consider contacting them ahead of time and getting to know them before you arrive, as that will, I believe make the whole thing less stressful. At least that was my experience.
This is the best advice I can give you: Set a date far enough ahead that you will have time to contact some of the ladies and then do a search by date and see who is scheduled to be there, look at the profiles and send introductory messages to any of those ladies that interest you, telling them of your interest and go from there. Also, check back occasionally on the site to see if other ladies that might interest you may have added that date to their schedules.
Best of luck to you and I have no doubt that the ladies and staff of Sheri’s will show you a wonderful time

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