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I have gone to the bar and just hung out for a couple hours and not had a party. It is rare because it is still an hour plus drive. Honestly it depends on the night, how you are acting, and if you are a hotel guest. If it’s a slow night and you are just hanging out its not normally a issue. Even on a busy night as long as there is room in the bar and you are not taking the ladies from others most of the time they will leave you alone. I will admit it does help if you are a regular and they know you. They know if you don’t party that night you will be back for a party at some point. Mostly it depends which staff is working. Some are stricter then others. The big thing is just treating everyone with respect and understanding that if others come in the lady or ladies you are talking to may need to leave and may not come back. If you are a hotel guest or have partied earlier you are pretty much allowed to hang out all night and morning since the bar doesn’t close until 3 am.

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