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What should I expect from sex, honestly? Quick question? I don’t even think I know what sex feels like. I’ve never held a woman, I’ve never touched a woman, I don’t even think I can count kissing either. I am so inexperienced that I don’t know what to expect. What am I expected to do? What is sex supposed to be like? Can somebody answer me that?

I still feel like because of my sheltered upbringing (though it wasn’t anti-sex), I feel scared to do something wrong. I can’t seem to get over thinking about it being bad or wrong of me to touch women. I don’t know. There is just some sort of psychological block that prevents me from even approaching women. I just think that something is wrong with me in terms of feeling some sort of wall in terms of just looking at women. Does anyone understand what I’m trying to say?

I just wonder if that is going to prevent me from ‘acting’ or what-have-you. Here comes the shaking again.

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