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Sex is not a bad thing. I could advise you to not worry about being a virgin, but from what I am reading, it is becoming a problem because you have no real confidence. I can tell you that a lady from Sheri’s Ranch, especially the one of your choosing, will be so hot and the fact that you bedded such a hot lady will give you much of that confidence.

You can let a lady guide you. Ask questions directly to their profile page link. Many will take awhile to answer, but eventually they will. This forum doesn’t seem highly active, so you might not get answers here.

1) Is the ranch a truly safe place? Are there like bodyguards or something protecting the place, so nothing bad would happen? Also, do the girls regularly get tested and practice safe sex?

They get regularly tested and everything is safe sex. Condoms for everything and no exchange of bodily fluids. You won’t feel unsafe, although you might not see all the security since things are generally running smoothly.

2) How would I know which girls are into sex with virgins?

I imagine many many many of them are, and they will tell you. Just ask.

3) Is there allowed time to have a conversation with a girl to build up rapport and chemistry? I don’t want to have it feel like I met a stranger. I want it to be with a girl I feel like I know and have communicated with, I guess. It doesn’t feel all too casual that way.

You can have a conversation with ladies. If you choose a particular one and have an appointment, I don’t know how much time they would spend getting to know you, but you could ask. If you go without an appointment, you are free to hang out and speak with ladies. If you are as shy as you say, you may need to email a lady so that she will approach you. Tell her you will arrive prior to an appointment and would like to include time to talk. Really, that could be done in the private area too. I can’t tell you she will talk for free back there, but if you are bringing several hundred dollars, I bet you can work it out for some kind of getting to know a lady. These ladies are experts. They will put you at ease in minutes.

4) Do I have to drink at the ranch? And do the girls drink? I don’t drink, and I’m not looking to have sex with a girl who is drunk or anything. It’s a personal thing.

There are some that drink little and some that drink even less than that. They are experts and professionals, so I doubt you will wind up with a drunk lady. Go earlier in the day to be even more sure of that.

5) I always envisioned having romantic music playing for my first time. Something soft and sensous, with some beautiful melody. Would there be any way to have some music playing in the room if I were to do this? I just want to know.

I am sure that can be done. Bring some or ask them what they got.

6) Will the girls tell you if you are doing a “good” job? And what if I end up “finishing” fast?

You probably will “finish” fast, but you can go again. If you let the lady guide you, you won’t be doing a bad job. She will give you confidence and tell you to slow down or take it easier or whatever. Don’t take anything she says about that personally as she is trying to help, and enjoy her guidance. To be honest, no guys are really good at the beginning unless the lady does some guiding.

7) Can I kiss? Is kissing allowed? I wonder because I would like to be kissed. I want to make it as romantic as possible, and not just about the act itself but everything up to it. Kissing feels like a big deal to me. So, I wonder if I am allowed to do any kissing. Is intimate touching and caressing something permitted too?

I don’t speak for the ladies. But even though french kissing is not always the case because it is often saved for actual lovers, some ladies will agree to it. Even if she doesn’t, I bet you can ask her to kiss you (closed mouth) all over and make it feel romantic. Some won’t agree to open mouth kissing because it is exchanging bodily fluids and they want to be safe. Don’t take the french kissing part personally.

8) Can you pick a girl to lose your virginity to? And can you talk to a girl before you actually get together? Is there any way you could talk to one of the girls before actually meeting to build that relationship up? Or is that forbidden?

Pick a girl and ask if you can get to know her. Or get to know her through her posts here or elsewhere.

9) Would it be an amazing experience losing my virginity? I want it to be special and amazing!
Also, Would the girls be into me, even being a skinny guy? I mean, I have an athletic body, but I’m skinny. I just wonder if the girls would find me attractive or not.

I promise that it will be an amazing experience with one of these ladies that you want to lose it with, she will be into you more than you even realize because she is helping you, teaching you, and because you are not a fatso like me. (But the lady was into me despite that.)

10) Do you think this virgin experience will give me the confidence I have been looking for?

It should help.

I have years of experience, but almost all of it was with the same lady and I was nervous because the lady was so beautiful. A few minutes into it, she made me feel better. She was great at calming me.

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