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Sex is questionably 100% safe under any circumstance, since absolute sexual disease prevention can’t be achieved. Sex between a man and wife that are totally monogamous throughout their entire lives and never had sex with anyone else before their marriage would be the epitome of safe sex. However, Sheri’s Ranch sex is as safe as can otherwise be encountered because every precaution is taken. Sex workers are STD tested weekly; furthermore, deep French kissing is not condoned, condoms are required for sexual activity involving the penis and dental dams are utilized for cunnilingus which complies with Nevada prostitution statutes.

NAC 441A.800 Testing of sex workers; prohibition of certain persons from employment as sex worker.
NAC 441A.805 Use of latex or polyurethane prophylactic required. https://www.leg.state.nv.us/NAC/NAC-441A.html#NAC441ASec800

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