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By the way, since we are on the topic of girlfriend, what is this GFE? I am totally inexperienced to the whole escort thing, so what is the girlfriend experience? What’s all included in it? I am wondering because I am pretty interested in that. Is it like a date night or something? How long does it last? If I were going to lose my virginity, I would want to have it be a meaningful night, I guess. I still want it to be special and significant, not just a temporary thing. So is the Girlfriend experience that?

Also, quick question: I maybe should have mentioned this before at the top of the post, but I will anyway. I have never had sex before, right? However, I have hoped for something and someone special for a long time. I have basically invested myself into this moment and have waited for this, I guess. All that said, I wonder since the lady could potentially be my first that I might too attached and start falling for her. I know she would be an escort, and I would probably be just some face and name to her with money, but I know I’d never forget her. How could I forget my first time, especially with a really beautiful woman? I may develop feelings for her when it’s all said and done. I feel like I will fall for the girl I go with to forego my virginity. I don’t know. I know it is not probably a good idea to do so, because she will have probably not love me back either. I just think it may happen.

Could it happen to me? Is it common to have that happen? I need to know.

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