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J Alan

Is it like a date night or something? How long does it last? If I were going to lose my virginity, I would want to have it be a meaningful night, I guess. I still want it to be special and significant, not just a temporary thing. So is the Girlfriend experience that?

The GFE is like a date. She tries to anticipate what you would like her to be and tries to act as if she knows you and cares deeply about you. It will feel great, but you will have to come back to reality after it’s over. It will be special and significant, and I have a feeling it will be fairly short. I can’t tell you if you will afford an hour, less, more. But don’t get so hung up on feelings. I wish I had lost my virginity to a lady as hot as Erin, my party lady. Or a number of them there.
You just may get attached to her. But I hope you remember that it’s just a fantasy and you will probably come out of your daze in a week or two, or even right away. There’s nothing wrong with falling for the lady in a way, but even normal outside relationships have rejection and pain and reality, so just roll with the punches and accept that she’s not going to actually come visit you. Go for the girl of your dreams and let that pain come later.
If you don’t get over it, you can save up more money and visit. That would be great for me too, if I could visit the lady who took my virginity years ago. (Actually, I don’t know for a fact that I couldn’t find her.) Just know that there will be some pain and rejection somewhere in your life and don’t worry about it.

Could it happen to me? Is it common to have that happen? I need to know.

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