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…on to the most unlikely of beings in the room. There she stood behind the bar. Through the smoky haze she took in the breath taking beauty. The outfit she wore was completely opposite of her usual taste of attire. Her curves accented by the hunter green leather pants forming tightly to her tight behind. Her long shapely legs well defined by the soft leather showed well toned calves and thighs. Her feet encased in soft ballet slippers. Her waist, though she did not require it was cinched tightly by a black butter soft suede lace up corset under which she wore a emerald green off shoulder peasant blouse with a soft bow tied loosely at the top of her cleavage.The material satin shimmered as she moved. The long sleeves ending just above her wrist in a point directing her gaze to the beautiful hands. Just watching the mixologist work she noticed the soft bend in her wrist, her tapered well manicured long nails decorated in soft pink polish. Her gaze slowly traveled to the face above the mouth watering body where she viewed her object of desire. A vision! Soft blonde hair shone in the eerie light, The cut accentuated her fabulous bone structure on a drastic angled cut ending at her chin. Her eyes pierced the near darkness of the room in the most beautiful shade of green with golden flakes that flashed in amusement, Her nose small and upturned gave her an air of haughtiness which didn’t seem real. Lips full and ripe like strawberries waiting to be nibbled on. Her lips parted and the melodic tone of her voice broke her stare. “Hi stranger, what can I do for you?”

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