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hoochie coochie man

My understanding is that the ladies are assigned to one of two shifts: day shift (5:00am-5:00pm) or the night shift (5:00pm-5:00am). That does not mean they are up and about and dressed and ready to go the entire time of their shift, but they have to be available if called. The Sheri’s ladies are just like any other group of people, some are morning persons and some are night persons. That being said, tho, it does not mean that if you walk in there at 6:00am you will find a bunch of ladies all dressed up and ready to party. You would probably have to ask for a particular lady or ask for a lineup. And even tho the day shift ladies will be “on duty” at that time, you will probably be getting many of them out of bed, rubbing their eyes, not dressed, not made up. The few times I have been there it seems that the ladies start stirring about 11:00am, when the bar opens. So if you want to party early in the morning, I would suggest you pick out the lady of your choice and make an appointment in advance, that way she can plan on it and be ready to give you a great party, even early in the morning. I think you will have a much more satisfying experience if you make the appointment. If I have any of this wrong, ladies would you correct me please.

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