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Thank you, Angel. Hearing from one of the ladies definitely makes it a lot easier to weigh in on my mind. I am feeling like I do want to finally experience a woman in a special way. I mean, I’ve never had a single girl ever touch me before, so it would definitely be a great day for me. I do want to finally feel the touch of a woman, and the amore from a woman too. I think I can say safely that I would want to lose my virginity, but I also know I want to lose it in a way that’s a little more romantic. I always had pictured it being more like making love and everything. I just want it to be romantic and special my first time, not just about sex only. If there’s a way that I could basically have a date with one of the girls, I think that would be best.

I thank you, Angel, for taking the time to read this. It means a whole lot. To hear of girls who would be willing to take their time and share in my first time with me, it’s incredible to me. It puts my virgin mind at ease, for sure. Your post was so helpful.

I loved hearing from you. I definitely think it would be best to talk to you. I am, however, pretty far away from the ranch. If we could talk still, then that would be great. Once again, thank you. Your message meant a ton.

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