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I coordinate a couple of teams overseas so my unusual work schedule is 3 blocks: 3am, 1pm and 6pm. I will be in Vegas at the end of February but have client dinners every day I’m there and some early lunches so the only times I can be at Sheri’s would be early morning until 10 or maybe noon if I don’t have a lunch meeting.

So are my options either:

  1. Make an appointment and hope it holds up
  2. Call in the morning and hope someone is up to wake up the ladies. This seems a little inconvenient to wake up everyone because of my unusual work schedule

I could stay past noon if I don’t have a lunch with a client and I manage to cut my 1pm meetings short but I need a decent internet connection. Is cell coverage any good in that area? If the lady agrees, would it be possible to use a laptop in her room? Having a lady in the background during a meeting would be fun

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