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Angel Parr

lol well I’m not sure what would be considered late and early, but I’ve seen line ups at all hours of the night and morning. From 4am-8am would be the biggest time zone of abnormally late/ early line ups and I’ve seen them done at all hours between then. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen line ups at all hours of the night and day lol. As for now they try not to do a late night line up unless the gentleman is insistent upon it.

The internet here is basically non existent, so I would highly suggest if that be the case, that you bring your own hotspot. If you can get service out here then I’m sure that you could talk the lady into letting you use her tablet, or letting you use your phone in her bedroom if need be. I think it would be best if you just schedule around that though. Take care of work first and play later lol!
As far as calling in, the office staff is going to be awake, the ladies don’t answer the phone, the staff do, and accept phone calls 24/7, just press 0 when you call and you’ll be patched right through to someone who can talk to you. Yes It is a bit inconvenient for us ladies to be awoken early, but that’s all part of the job lol. The reality is that we work off of 12 hour shifts 5am-5pm 5pm-5am, so that at all times day or night there is supposed to be at least half of the house awake and ready for any clients who may come in, so you calling ahead and letting the office know that you’re coming is just doing a courtesy for those of us whom are supposed to be up but have slept in instead.

Your options are:
Make an appointment and hope for a good connection.
Arrive and pick ladies off the photos in the bar until you find a good fit.
Come in at your convenience (like most do) and have us called to the bar from a dead sleep.
Or call ahead so the ladies that should be up can get ready for you by the time that you arrive.

Its completely up to you what you think is going to be best for you!

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