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Nice Trac…I want in!

What can this beautiful creature do for me…? Aurora asks herself. Her body’s response to this innocent question is deep and powerful within the very center of her being. She smiles and her eyes flash an intense primal desire mirrored perfectly within her newest conquest’s eyes.

Her reply is unspoken at first but much more powerful than any word could have been that would have rushed from her tongue. She moves closer and reaches out to brush a silky curl of golden hair from the woman’s cheek. She then runs her nail along her exquisite jawline; all the while noticing how the woman’s sharp intake of breath causes her breasts to strain against the restrictive fabric of her top. This electrical stimulation that passes between the two makes the throbbing within her body change to a pinprick of need between her thighs.

She picks up the glass of wine that had been placed in front of her, takes a sip,  and allows the flavor to explode within her mouth. She then leans across the bar and says, in a voice deepened by her passion, “Don’t remain a stranger to me. What time do you get off work tonight?”

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