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Evangeline looks across the bar. Gazing into Auroras eyes and with out hesitation in a soft but firm voice says the real question my dear is when do and how do you get off? She pours herself a shot of Patron, picks up a shaker adds ice and chills it, , Pours it into an ice cold shot glass and drinks it quickly, The fiery liquid burns going down but nothing compared to the heat radiating From the smoldering stare of her admirer. She glances at the clock, “I am off at 2, don’t be late darlin”. I do not wait for anyone and should you be even 1 moment late it could be very harsh for you. During this brief verbal banter, Evangeline’s nipples grew taunt and the tingle she felt was as pin pricks to her, Not at all unpleasant. Oh what games could be played with this one she thought to herself. Maybe she had finally met someone who could keep up with her dark thoughts and naughty actions.

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