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Angel Parr

We have Security on site at all time that makes his rounds on the grounds multiple times during his shift. I’m not going to say how often he does so or how many hours in between for security purposes, but its very common. When he is not making his rounds then he is in the security office watching multiple cameras throughout the house, courtyard, and parking lot. There is also another set of monitors behind the office cage so that our office staff can watch them at all times as well, and then there is yet another set of them in our Madame’s office, so at any given time you have up to 3 trained set of eyes looking out for your property and us ladies. As stated we are at the end of a very long dead end road so thief’s tend to not come all the way down here, and logically thinking they know we have cameras and very big security guards on site at all times that would get very, very angry if they saw some little punk trying to get into a car in our lot, so they tend to stay away from here and pick much easier targets. Not only do our clients and staff park their cars here every day, but a lot of the ladies that work here drive themselves up here and will leave their cars sitting in the parking lot for weeks at a time. I left mine in the parking lot for 2 months at one point and didn’t have so much as a scratch on it when I drove it home.

I have been here for over two years and I have never seen or herd of anything happening to any of the cars in our lot, I would say that your car is safer in our lot than sitting in front of most peoples homes.

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