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Angel Parr

Yeah, I have noticed that. I just think that my clients deserve a bit more attention than that. Coming to a brothel ESP. for a first time can be a very nerve racking thing and is a heck of a step to take, I recognize how intimidated a gentleman can get, and how easily we can help curve that with just simple conversation. Besides the way I see it if a gentleman has taken the time to decide on coming to a brothel, check out the different brothels online and decide on us, look at all of the beautiful ladies on our website, decide he wants me, and then sends me a message to help ease his mind, well then I can take the whole 15-20 mins it takes out of my day to check my emails and give him the courtesy of a response in a timely fashion. The poor guy is nervous enough and has take a lot of his time to email me, I don’t want him to think that hes being blown off (excuse the pun) or decide against coming during the time he has to get away because he didn’t get a question answered.

In my opinion there’s really no good excuse to make a client wait a week for an email, you wouldn’t do that in any other job in the world, why would you in a job that is all about customer support. I guess because I’m a business women I just have more of a professional type of mind set, but that’s the beauty of a Ranch it has all types of different people and everyone works a little bit differently than the next girl, so you can always find the one whom is a unique fit for your style!

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