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Sparks and Mound House brothels in Washoe and Lyon Counties respectively allow outdates; however, NYE County (Pahrump, Crystal & Amargosa brothels) prohibits Courtesans partying off the brothel premises. I had an outdate with a Mound House Courtesan during CWMC 19 and we partied (including sex but nothing kinky… that is, if you don’t consider a ball gag, Japanese silk love rope, handcuffs and a discipline paddle kinky 🙂 😉 ) at a hotel casino in Carson City which is 10 minutes away. I was allowed to transport my Courtesan unchaperoned in my personal vehicle. The outdate duration was 5 hours and comparable in price to a VIP Bungalow party; however, a Sheri’s VIP Bungalow party includes dinner and drinks, but clients must pay separately for their Courtesan’s dinner, drinks and hotel room on an outdate. I’m relatively sure that Sheri’s Ranch would enthusiastically welcome NYE County relaxing their strict control and permitting Courtesan outdates.

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