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Firefighter forgot a couple of other counties that allow outdates.

Elko County allows outdates. The cities Wells and Carlin, both located in Elko county, both allow outdates. The brothels that reside in the city of Elko are not allowed to partake in outdates.

Humbolt County, which houses the Winnemucca brothel (s) allow outdates.

I’m unsure if Lander county, ( Battle Mountain brothel) allows outdates.

I’m also unsure if White Pine county ( Ely brothels) allow outdates.

In Lyon county, at least in 2011, outdates in those brothels called for the courtesan and client to sign an escort release form before leaving the premises. This release effectively said you can take the courtesan out of the brothel for escort purpose only. All sexual activity must take place at the house of prostitution (brothel). It would be prudent for all parties to read that release and abide by said rules.

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