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The maximum number of ladies on the floor (available) is 25 by the license Sheri’s Ranch holds. More the 25 and the license fee goes sky high. There can be more on premise but not working. The ladies start departing and arriving Sunday evening normally. Every once in a while someone will arrive midweek. As rooms become avaliable by those leaving those arriving take them. It’s a first come first serve basis. They can’t reserve certain room prior to arrival under normal circumstances. I think every once in a while reserving a certain room is offered as a prize. They also have a room or two that have multiple beds for when ladies are waiting for rooms to become available, but those are only for when waiting for a regular room. They aren’t used to party in. I also believe ladies staying multiple weeks can move rooms, but it’s very rare that they do. They normally have a lot of stuff to make their room their’s and the time to take it down and put it back up make it not worth it unless they are stuck in a bad room. Those rooms are the ones with a shared bathroom especially when you are first walking down the hallway. You can’t even open the door fully in them. The ladies are allowed to store something at the ranch between trips for free but above a limit there is a fee. Ladies can’t start partying until medical clearance is recieved. That is a legal requirement not a ranch policy. The doctor comes on site Monday and Thursday mornings to do testing. Once the results are sent to management then the ladies can start. Between testing and results the ladies normally just hang out, but they can’t be in “public” areas. This is part of the reason why to be allowed in the courtyard you have to be a hotel guest or escorted by a lady. You will sometimes see them stick there heads in the door on the side of the bar to order something but they don’t sit down. They will also answer emails or do stuff on the forums.

The ladies can add more details or correct anything I got wrong.

And yes, I have spent way too much time at the ranch but I don’t care. The ladies are wonderful and the staff is too. 🙂

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