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firefighter, that doesn’t quite answer my question. If I talk to 5 ladies and feel most comfortable with one of the first one, what’s the correct way to let the first one know I would like to either talk more or go to her room for negotiations? It would seem rude to end the conversation with the last lady and tell her to inform one of the earlier ladies I’m interested in partying with them. Pointing at someone and shouting “YOU. HERE. NOW.” also seems to be lacking in common courtesy, and staring at her intensely for minutes at a time doesn’t seem like the best approach. If I had talked to a lady but didn’t immediately ask to go to her room for negotiations, is it ok to approach her if she’s not talking to another potential customer? Is it ok to approach her if she’s talking with the other ladies but not a potential customer? If she leaves the bar area before I finish talking to some of the other ladies, is it rude to ask the hostess if she can come back out?

And if ladies are tested on Monday and Thursday morning and can’t work until they get the results, does that mean there’s a window on Mondays and Thursday where none of the ladies are working?

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