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Clients routinely make blind appointments and most of the time they turn out very well. If a client is stimulated sufficiently from a Courtesan’s Profile page photos, bio, preferences, statistics and reviews, animal lust may be sufficient to have an excellent party. However, I prefer most of the time to meet a Lady in person in the bar to determine if we make a connection or instill romantic chemistry. Courtesans are not unlike other women, since they enjoy being romanced too.

You’ll only be at the brothel for 3 days, so if you’re really impressed with a Courtesan’s Profile page and email or twitter messages, you may not want to lose a chance to spend time with her. In that case, you may want to make an appointment. Sheri’s Ranch does not require a deposit for an appointment like most other brothels, and it’s essentially a good faith agreement. That is, if when you arrive you find that you and the Courtesan don’t click or you fail to negotiate, you’re not committed to party with her.

BTW, if a client discovers that they’ll miss their appointment, it’s expected that they’ll telephone the office well in advance to cancel; otherwise, a Courtesan may miss another party while waiting for her delayed client to arrive.

Instead of an appointment, you may select another Courtesan and converse with her in the bar prior to adjourning to her room for negotiations.

Sheri’s Ranch offers lineups by request only because most clients prefer to meet the Courtesans in the bar or request a specific Lady from the Hostess. Also, lineups are conducted in the Parlor and most clients enter through the restaurant and bar door. A client may only view the pretty Courtesan packages in a lineup because they haven’t had the benefit of conversation at that point.

You mentioned nervousness but that will usually not be a problem once you engage in respectfully flirtatious conversation. If you find that you’re still nervous, relate that to your Courtesan because they’re masters at calming a client. Regardless if you’re nervous or not, it’s wise to avoid liquid courage. Liquor desensitizes the body which is in direct conflict with a client’s objective because they desire to feel sexual contact to the utmost. Also, beer, wine and distilled spirits contribute to erectile dysfunction problems. Alcohol can totally ruin a party, so it’s better to have a drink afterward.

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