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I think reservations are good if you have met the lady in person before and you know you want to party with her. Otherwise it’s best to just go to the bar and “shop around.” A couple of times I made a “sight unseen” reservation. One turned out good, one not so good. So now I just go to the bar and talk to several of the ladies. Look at the web site first for the ladies that will be there on the day of your trip and get an idea of who you might be interested in, but still reserve a decision until you are there and meet a few. I remember going there once and had a few ladies in mind who really appealed to me, based on their profiles. But when I met one of them in the bar, I knew immediately she was not for me. Yes she was friendly and very attractive, but after just a few minutes of conversation I knew she was not the one. Another time I went to the bar, again with a few ladies at the top of my list, but alas none of them were available right then. A lady sitting at the other end of the bar approached me. I had seen her on the web site but for whatever reason was not too interested in her based on her profile. But when she sat down next to me and we started talking, we clicked instantly, she eventually took me to her room and talked me into a bungalow party, and it was just about the most fabulous two hours of my life. So you never know!

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