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Angel Parr

Lol lewd, that sounds very kinky!
Schwalsr, I’d love to take you up on that!
Kaiser, indeed it is actually a fairly common kink. Our world has grown so consumed with being accepted, “normal” and has forgotten that the thing that makes this world so beautiful is that we are all unique, and there really is no such thing as normal. Its simply another opinion, in China its normal to eat bugs, in the Philippines its normal to point with your lips instead of finger, and in America its normal to bunish a waitress with a lesser tip because the cook messed their order up or the place was too busy and they had to wait even though neither are the waitresses fault at all. The moral of the story here is if it feels right to you its normal, and probably a hell of a lot more common than one would think. As far as finding a courtesan, it really shouldn’t be too hard, we are here for your naughty fantasies and that’s a pretty easy party. Fret not, send a couple emails to the ladies and I’m sure you’ll find that we will be happy to accommodate!

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