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The open bar is for only during the party at one of the bungalows and dinner is served at the bungalow at the beginning or end of the party. I have also heard that you can get the dinner in the bar afterward but I can not confirm that. The open bar and dinner is standard offering with any bungalow party. It is my understanding that the voucher needs to be used on a single party that may last a couple hours depending on what you negotiate. All the other parties, drinks, and meals you have over those three days you will need to have additional funds for so be prepared. It should be noted that a standard room is included with a party if you spend over a certain amount. The catch with that is they are now expiring after a year. I learned that the hard way by have a bunch expire. It is possible that if you book three parties separately, which don’t have to be at bungalow level, you can get three nights free in a standard room. The standard rooms aren’t bad, but aren’t great either honestly. The packages are great for giving you ideas of what you need to bring funds wise for certain levels of parties, however they don’t really give you any “bundle” discount. Also if you use the “complementary” transportation understand that a cut off the top of all parties goes to the driver which will increase the price of any party.

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