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J Alan

rewith85man, I know I was over-charged as an ignorant newbie. I won’t say how much because it’s embarrassingly high. And I could say shame on Erin for doing that to a working-class guy who had to save up his money to blow all of it on a single party. It was a one-time deal that I will never regret, though. I really forgot about the money once that was out of the way. The time with Erin alone was as much constant sex as I could manage (or that she could manage out of me). So instead of “Shame on you,” I say “Thank you.” That girl is a dynamo. And adding Kitty Cat at the end was just mind-blowing. As I finally finished with Kitty, she said, “I thought you you said you couldn’t cum again.” I told her that she was so exciting that she coaxed it out of me.

Enough, it’s great to relive. But seriously, it was worth it. I would even say, take what you can afford and try to negotiate better, but any closed deal with these two ladies is worth it.

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