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Angel Parr

The three day package is basically a bungalow party with a lady or you choice, the dinner is not in the bar it is in the bungalow. Any time you go to a bungalow you get a free steak and lobster dinner with your lady, and an open bar, champagne included, and one free night in our hotel. So you are really just prepaying for it, and getting the perks of a couple nights extra hotel and something from the gift shop.
The voucher is good for only one party and the only thing you can exchange is the meal. If you don’t want steak and lobster you can have coconut or garlic shrimp, or anything off our bar menu. The gift shop has a bunch of stuff: robes, t shirts, golf shirts, shot glasses, bandanas, patches, golf towels, key chains, calendars…I know I’m missing something there, but that’s a few of your choices.

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