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Aurora sat with eyes lowered. She so wanted to lift her eyes and look more closely at the Man next to her. In the pit of her stomach she knew now what it must feel like to not be in charge of a situation, a new feeling for her to be sure. The anticipation of what would follow as well as a bit of fear. The strangeness of it made her quiver inside add to that her lust for Evangeline and it was all she could do not to squirm in her seat. Aurora wanted to question the gentleman about why He thought He could insinuate Himself into her space but knew if she were in control what consequences there could be should the scene continue and oh how she wanted to continue. Her mind raced with the naughty thoughts of the paces this Man could put her through. Such exquisite pain mixed with pleasure. Trembling inwardly she drew a breath and sat a little straighter, Pushing her breast upward and forward a slight arch to her back, her ankles slightly parted her hands resting on her thighs. licking her lips to moisten them. Aurora started to speak slowly and carefully, “Sir, what do you require from me?”

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