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WARNING: This may be one of the most UNUSUAL fantasies/kinks/”whatever you call it” that you’ve heard of (maybe the MOST unusual) and some or all of the courtesans may be freaked out. You’ve been warned.

Anyway, one of the books I read was Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” (believe it or not, I was actually reading it when I was at the ranch a while back. I was surprised nobody came up to me and asked what I was reading. Oh, well).

Anyway, as I was reading it, I figured it would be nice and fun to do a role-play involving… uh… Dracula and Lucy.

Here’s a scene from the 1992 movie:

I don’t know how many of you seen it. In the book, it was way more detailed and there were multiple times when Dracula accosted Lucy.

I just hope “Mina” doesn’t show up and spoil the fun. ;-).

I hope I didn’t scare away any of the courtesans (I’m actually a very nice person), but you did want us to tell you our idea of kinky.

P.S.: What would you even call that kink? “Dracula kink”? “Vampire kink”?

P.P.S.: In the original novel, Dracula was actually a pretty old person, not a young, hot looking teen like how some other books portray him… and believe it or not… daylight does not kill him.

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