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Welcome Alicia. Sounds like you are a very smart lady to use the industry to help get you smarter! Many ladies have done the same and been successful. As long as you enjoy doing “it” it can be a very lucrative profession. Super safe in a brothel! I have worked on both sides, and I can 100% confirm working in a legal brothel is sooooo much safer and fun! You get to create and fulfill fantasies and don’t have to worry about getting arrested. We get our doctors check to make sure we stay std free and we look at our potential clients package to assure there is no sign of possible problems, we don’t just jump on top of anyone here! 24 hour security is very assuring and I’ve never felt more safe to work than walking through the doors of Sheri’s ranch. When you’re ready to start the best job ever you can submit your pictures online and hopefully we see you at the ranch one day! 😉

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