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Sometimes just a word can make another think they’re the King. I’ll play….

From my lowered gaze I can still see his expression; cocky, smug, beautiful but self-entitled. I need to get someone to another location, I’m ready for adventure and I think I should start with this interesting creature.

He tells me that we are moving on. He says I need to take my things and follow him. I ask demurely, “May I at least know who I am following?” He tells me his name is William. I tell him that I am at his command, lol, and as we pass the bar, I see a quick acknowledgement pass between him and Evangeline. Oh yeah, I will have both this evening…Bonus!! The other thing I love is that they think I haven’t seen their exchange.

We move through the club to a side door; well disguised by the interior décor. William stops and steps to the side as he opens the door and allows me to enter the room first. Wealth and excess are displayed in an almost vulgar manner.

My eyes make a quick sweep and then focus upon where I want to be. I purposefully appear to be hesitant and act like I am having second thoughts. Oh yeah, he’s fallen for it. Because I seem to be scared of the over-sized wooden cross in the corner of the room, it’s the first place he wants to take me. He forcefully tells me to approach it. Me, being the ever-obedient one, slowly makes my way there but my eyes are downcast and I am showing signs of reluctance. I tell him I am unsure of what to do and ask if he will show me. Sucker…

He is more than willing to think he has a newbie within his grasp. He slides his hand within the restraint to demonstrate, I watch and then slowly run my nails up his arm to where the leather strap meets his flesh. Then, quick as lightning, I grab the quick catch restraint and pull it tight. He is looking at me with a slightly confused look but doesn’t respond fast enough to stop me from pulling his other arm up and catching it too.

Oh what a surprise…the hunter has become the prey. What shall I do with him now?

I step up to him and lean close. “Baby, I won’t hurt you” I say…”We’re just playing, Right?”

His eyes, ever smoldering, show just a hint of irritation but also interest.

I look around the room and see a wonderful collection of knives in a display cabinet hanging prominently behind a large cherry wood desk. Oooh, I’m thinking as I walk to them.

I take down a large, ornate, sharp as hell dagger and return to my captive. I look in his eyes and tell him not to move. I begin at the waist band of his jeans; cutting through fabric to reveal long, lean, toned thighs – one leg and then the other. I cut enough to leave the denim as another form of restraint hanging from his ankles. I next move on to his shirt. I make sure to slice through the material over his nipples. I watch his body shudder as the blade slides along the sensitive skin. As his nipples are revealed I bend in and nibble upon the soft flesh – making his hips buck toward me. I pull my head back from his chest and quietly tell him that I will not have that sort of impulsive behavior and if he does it again he will be punished.

I finish the rearrangement of his clothing – using the strips of fabric to restrain him tighter to the cross. The only cover to the captivating parts of his body is a thin layer of satin and I feel the need to remove this also (after a bit more teasing).

Moving closer to him, I run my nails softly up his inner thigh and see his member jump at the intimate touch. He seems to have heeded my earlier warning though because he otherwise remains still. I look into his eyes and tell him he is a good boy. I once again lower my head and take his hardened nipple into my mouth while reaching forward and grabbing his hard cock. Oh, oh, oh…no longer the good boy. He jerks with surprise and I pull back, shaking my head.

I told you…Didn’t I?

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