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I agree with Flint you have a wonderfully blunt way of speaking Lady Angel and such a well-worded and informative post.

Maverick, it’s good to see you again sir. Thank you again for lending your assistance on my newbie thread years ago.

As for myself in planning my first visit to the brothel one of the deciding factors is the safety, security and comfort of the ladies within. And if I may be selfish a bit for myself as well.

I thought of a sexcation to Amsterdam or Bangkok and decided against it since those places can be very morally black areas and I would be adding to the problem of sex trafficking.

I never considered escorts or street walkers since not only is the morality just as questionable my safety and security is at risk and I could end up jailed (this would probably be the best outcome of all of them) or I could end up with a disease or losing my life or my money.

Deciding on the ranch I came to the conclusion that it’s as morally white as it can possibly be. The risk of a disease is either very low or non-existent. The fact that it’s legal means that there’s no risk of being arrested. So it really is the best choice.

Wishing all the ladies and clients the best.

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