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Thank you again Lady Angel. Haha, I happen to have a very nice bike the problem is that I’m three hours away by flight so … it would take me quite a while to get there just biking. 😉

Thank you Techieguy80 for the welcome and advise I shall definitely remember to put the pedal to the metal when going up the mountain in the economy car.

I shall reserve one shortly now that my research in the area has been completed. I had no idea that the car rental was a shuttle away from the airport which makes the commute that much easier.

I have another question: What is the etiquette in being greeted by the hostess? Aside from being polite and saying ‘hello.’? Do I shake her hand? There are a few ladies I’m interested in seeing this would be important information to convey to her would that be correct?

Thank you again I’m sure I’ll have more questions and news as my trip nears. 🙂

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