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Angel Parr

As a courtesanthat has taken many VCards in my day, I have to beg to differ. Some men have always had a certain confidence about them, some need a bit more help establishing it. You are not pathetic, you are different and there’s nothing wrong with that. For guys that were able to lose their card at a young age they tend to be more confident about talking with women, and as you get older you being allowing social stigmatas to get in your head and weaken your view of yourself. All that means is that society is pathetic for making you feel an out cast, and we are here to reconfirm your outlook prior to society’s tainted pressures, to help you rebuild confidence and help you figure out the best way for you to approach a women.

If you have anger issues you go to anger management, if you have marital problems, marriage counseling, and if you have problems in bed you go to the brothel. None of which makes you pathetic, they make you strong enough to dedicate yourself to change!

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