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Can’t believe I’m asking this because it sounds presumptuous to me that I’m “planning” to be intimate with someone, but…

Should I bring my own lubricant or do the ladies keep some on hand? I’ll be flying in to Vegas and I assume that is not something I can travel with these days. Probably something I could get at the airport?

I’m excited and nervous at the same time for this “adventure”. I’ve been in contact with the lady I’d like to meet and scheduled an appointment for next week when she gets back. So, prior to an appointment, do the ladies ever care to know a little about the client especially if it is a “planned” visit? For example, if I emailed some personal basic information and “wrote out” what I hope to experience, do you think that would help when we sit down to negotiate? I’m definitely an experienced Lesbian here (who has just been too career-busy to find intimacy lately), but I’m also somewhat on the introverted and shy side. I guess I’m worried I won’t know how to vocally ask someone for what I would like to experience.

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