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Well Flint… there is at least one I don’t wish to reveal until after a future party, however, I will put this out there:

In the past I have used/given costumes with the following ladies:

CiCi – Batgirl (think Alicia Silverstone in the 1997 Batman and Robin movie)
Allisa – Sexy Robin
Alexis Ann – Green Lantern (Alexis isn’t at Sheri’s any more)
Brittany Ryder – Sexy Officer
Destini – Beer Girl (Blue and White)
Riley – Beer Girl (Pink and Brown)
Ellie – Zatanna
Angel Parr – Harley Quin (Arkham Assylum)

I would definitely check with any of the above before thinking they still have the costume as it may have become worn out since the party with them.

In addition to the above ladies, I think the following ladies would be good choices for cosplay however, checking with them is always the way to go.

Alex Empire

And other characters could be Catwoman, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy (maybe with Green Body Paint even?), Black Canary, Sexy Flash, Green Lantern has wide possibilities, Cheetah, Starfire, Raven, and many others.

That’s not even diving into the Marvel Universe or Independent Comics like Shi, Arwyn, Lara Croft… the possibilities are quite diverse.

Biggest thing is think either which Lady you would like and what character you think they would be good for or which character you would like and which lady you think would fit the role. Either way, e-mail them and find out if they are interested. If they are get their outfit size and possibly their shoe size and you’re well on your way…


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