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Thank you Flint & Amber for taking out the time to respond to my topic. I know it sounds like a stretch but it just kind of brought to mind for me the question of what actions are taken if something catastrophic does happen. I’m guessing the likelihood may be unlikely of someone getting pregnant since it’s mandatory to use condoms and there hasn’t been any report of STDs transmitted by a courtesan. But it also brings to mind for me the question, and it may sound silly, Do courtesans receive any formal training on proper condom usage as far as what risks to avoid how to put them on correctly, which size penis works best with which type of condom and such? Since it is mandatory, are the courtesans provided with condoms by the ranch? Do customers have to bring their own condoms? Is there a certain amount of sexual experience a courtesan is expected to have before getting hired to work at the ranch? Am I asking too many questions? Should I change my name to interrogation chair? 🙁

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