(800) 506-3565

My apologies for my delayed reply.

@Flint – Thank you once again sir. I see now that my question would be confusing ‘would this’ is correct. Thankfully Lady Angel was able to decipher and is correct that’s it’s the ladies names that I would convey upon being greeted.

@Lady Angel – Thank you again m’lady. You got it perfectly!

@Diesel – Thank you, sir. I have a GPS on my iPhone and there’s a Walgreens on the way to Sheri’s that I can pick up plenty of water.

I was actually thinking of canceling my trip since I’m about to start extensive dental work and have an issue which might cause me to fail the DC (even though I’ve never had sex) or at least make my penis grotesque. However; I’m continuing on as planned since a lot can happen between now and June.

Once I post that the rental car has been reserved that will be it, I’m on my way and nothing short of Zeus’ thunderbolt will stop me from seeing the journey through to the end!

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