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hoochie coochie man

Hi Montana. A Nuts and Bolts party would work something like this. You have a bunch of bolts and matching hex nuts, only one of each size. The ladies are each given a hex nut, which I suppose they could run a thin ribbon through and hang around their neck. As the guys show up, we are issued a bolt. Then we go around the room talking to and flirting with the ladies, checking to see whose hex nut fits my bolt. When I find the match, off we go!

I suppose you could do it the other way around, with the ladies having the bolt and the guys having the hex nut, but it seems more appropriate for the guy to have the thing that screws into what the lady has. 😉

And I think there would have to be some ground rules, like you are not obligated to party with your nut-and-bolt matched lady, you can request a different bolt. I think it would be fun because when I have been to Sheri’s, there may be two or three ladies I think I am most interested in, but still there are so many I would love to party with. Decisions, decisions…
So this lets fate take over, and I think the mystery of who you are going to party with would be enticing.

Another feature that I think would be fun, tho I don’t know if they would OK this, would be to open up the Playland. A nut-and-bolt matched couple could of course party in her room or in a bungalow, but what if the Playland was open and any and all matched couples could go in there. To be getting it on with my lady and look around the room and see numerous other couples banging it out would be so hot I think!

I own a hardware store and have come up with a list of about 24 unique sizes of nuts and bolts, which I would be happy to provide. June 10 please, that is a date I think I could come out there.

So, Montana, what do you think? If you like the idea, talk it up with the other ladies and see if you can get Sheri’s to do it!

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